Iris vs flux reddit

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Iris vs flux reddit

Last year we did see the 10nm 'Cannon Lake' but it was a single processor, the Core iU, a measly dual-core clocked at up to 3. It was used in a single Lenovo laptop plus a small handful of NUCs. Because of its low-end specs, it never saw much traction.

These are all designed for low-power ultraportables and other mobile devices, at least for now. All 15W products get a 5 in the fourth digit, and 9W parts get a 0. I personally preferred the use of U or Y, that was clearer for buyers rather than hiding this crucial performance indicator among a bunch of other letters and numbers. What has become clearer this generation though, is the integrated graphics capabilities.

Some 28W parts would push this up to 48 execution units, but that was generally the maximum you could find. And the top end also gets a bump, but crucially you can still find 64 EU G7 graphics within a 15W power envelope, so Intel is bringing a significant jump to graphics capabilities within the existing TDP, allowing it to better compete with the beefy graphics AMD provides in Ryzen Mobile. On top of this, Gen11 graphics provide a number of architectural changes, including support for variable rate shading, adaptive sync, display stream compression, and a faster media encoder.

This really is the key benefit to getting Ice Lake over previous generations. While IPC has seen a large increase according to Intelthis has been offset by lower clock speeds across the Ice Lake line.

It gets the full 64 execution unit experience, giving us all the benefits of Gen11 graphics. The top-end Comet Lake chip built on 14nm offers a worse integrated graphics, but bumps up the CPU to 6 cores, clocked at 1. Alternatively you can get a Core i7 quad-core with a 1. And again, this whole situation with Intel having both 10nm Ice Lake and 14nm Comet Lake on the market at the same time as part of their 10th generation only serves to confuse customers.

With Comet Lake boasting a beefier CPU and Ice Lake taking the GPU crown, regular everyday Joes will have to do even more research than ever before to ensure what they are getting is the right product for their use case. The laptop we have for testing with Ice Lake inside is the new Razer Blade Stealth, a laptop design that we really like with its super sleek metal design and high-end components. The results for Ice Lake and 10nm are quite disappointing but not entirely unexpected given the lower clock speeds this CPU is able to run at.

The new Core iU with six cores demolishes the Core iG7 in multi-threaded performance here: the U is a good 32 percent faster. However, the G7 does very well with single-threaded performance, outperforming most other CPUs in this table, which bodes well for Ice Lake in other single-threaded benchmarks. When bumping the G7 up to 25W, only then is it able to outperform the U in its 15W configuration, but when both chips are operating at the same TDP, the six-core option is still far superior.

The 14nm Core iU sits between 2. All three of these CPUs score roughly the same in this benchmark, but the 14nm chips need to be clocked around 22 percent higher. The downside is that while Ice Lake is able to do more per clock and perform as well as 14nm parts, there is no material improvement to efficiency.Iris optimizes screen pulsations by controlling the brightness without PWM. You will be able to use your computer for longer without headaches.

Read more Iris will match your screen brightness to the light around you. Different presets will automatically adjust your screen. Using computers will feel like reading a book.

Iris will gradually regulate blue light day and night. This will help your body to produce more melatonin at night. You will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

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Reduce Eye pain Iris will match your screen brightness to the light around you. Improve Sleep Iris will gradually regulate blue light day and night. Who are you?

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Automatic, Manual, Paused. Advanced Settings Make your Own Preset. Buy Iris 15 1 time purchase, no hidden fees Lifelong for 1 version Free tech support Free minor builds and bug fixes Move license to new machine Major Iris features updates Read more Buy Now. Protect your eyes with Iris. Buy Now. Excess blue light from your computer monitor can be a serious threat to your biological health. Fortunately Iris software can eliminate virtually all of the risk through its innovative approach.

I use it on all my computers and encourage you to do the same. It is clearly the best software on the market to control your blue light exposure. I have tried just about every piece of blue light blocking and eye health software that exists and nothing even comes close to Iris.Iris is the novel blue light filter app designed specifically to reduce computer eye strain. It filters blue light using the same approach as f.

In insomnia prevention, the two apps appear similar. To CVS sufferers Iris offers more. Since there are already several articles about f.

What is the best Color temperature?

Six other popular blue light filter apps are also mentioned. These are not considered as the best for CVS prevention because of an inferior blue filtering technique. The article first mentions the functionalities that Iris and f.

Next, the anti-CVS capabilities offered in Iris but not in f. Finally, the article reveals the functionalities that could potentially help reduce computer eye fatigue but are yet to be fully implemented in Iris.

If your objective is only to fight digital screen induced insomnia and you want it for free f. Iris Mini download free : limited blue light filtering capacity and brightness control, no other anti-CVS functionalities. Good to get an impression of the app.

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Iris Mini Pro purchase license here : Minimalistic, simple to use. Among the many hidden features, two stand out as great value for CVS sufferers: the color invert, and unlimited blue light control. Iris download free : More comprehensive user interface — all features are explicit not hidden as with Iris Mini Pro.

It features a timer — break reminder. But it is still quite limited.

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Iris Pro purchase license here : More tools to relieve CVS plus a few new ones to be implemented than any other blue light app. There are also many additional features not related to CVS or Insomnia. Purchasing the license now entitles you to all future updates. Computer blue light is an important cause of eye strain in many people.When I started to have eye problems in I wanted to be able to manually control the blue light of my screen.

iris vs flux reddit

I found f. I had awesome sleep, but I was feeling really bad eye strain when I used computers. And this is how I decided to add blue light and color temperature to Iris. The f. Not exactly bad, but we are made to have day and night cycle of light and at night you should lower blue light to sleep better.

I train a lot, eat good and even with a cup of coffee before bed I sleep well. What my problem really is is that I feel a lot of eye pain from my constant work in front of computer screens. This is a fundamental problem. I want to set the blue light to my comfortable value and maybe automate this based on the time of the day.

Most people are not familiar with the black body color and this color temperature thing only makes them more confused. In the past, people often asked me What is the best Color temperature? After some time it becomes comfortable to work with the color temperature values but why waste your time learning science. This is quite helpful when you want more precise control of the lighting outside but combined with strange geographic locations it may give wrong values at the wrong time.

Also, f. Software like f. Geolocation uses a lot of battery and can be used to track users positions which is also not good in terms of privacy. Because they both track your every move and advertise based on your activity.

The reason why f. Free software with good customer support sell ads or user data. I personally hate programs with ads and tracking users is just unethical and plain evil. One of the things I hated when I started using f. But what if you are in a really dark room during the day. Or you are even going to be night shift and you want to shift your sleep times. You need to open Google maps and find a location with some close latitude and longitude to the timezone you desire.

It was just crazy. Screen illumination, PWM flickerand generally bright screens are a much bigger problem for our eyes.

Iris has an automatic brightness reduction without flicker based on time or location in combination with a blue light reduction.

iris vs flux reddit

Screen brightness should match the room lighting and the monitor should not look like a light source in the room. Otherwise, our eye starts to move like this. Your monitor should not actually adapt to the Sunlight but to the light around you and the light in your room. You can achieve this with light detection from the camera or from the easy manual control of the brightness.

Both ways are not part of f. One of the most underestimated things for eye health is to take regular breaks and look at distant objects. Most modern font rendering technologies are bad for the eyes.

iris vs flux reddit

Here I talk about font smoothing which makes the fonts blurry. When font smoothing is used the letters became blurred and we struggle to find a focus point on the screen. This may cause eye pain and headaches in the beginning and in the long run, you may need to put even glasses.A lot of users asked me what is the best value of Iris for blue light reduction. This will be helpfull for users of other software products like f.

The Android Twilight and Night mode use different algorithms than Color temperature. I made a 10 measurements of the display from K to K since this is the format that is universal to all blue blocking softwares and I think is enought.

Actually Redshift can go down to K, f. The bellow measurements are the same for all software products. No matter what anyone tells you all this softwares do the same thing with color temperature.

They may do it with different algorithms, but the end result is the same. At K this is how the color graph looks like. You see that blue light is even more than all other colors and this is the first reason that this value is bad for your sleep and for your eyes. We will just use this measurement as comparission to other values and as how normal displays emmit colors.

Thus to select the best value we will need to select the value with lowest blue light and highest green light, but green light should also be reduced for best eye protection and sleep. Close to the light of Standart Clear metal halide lamp and Later Afternoon light the color graph looks like this. To save you the thinking here what all these results mean. The lowest blue light will be at K or bellow, but this is actually not the best setting.

Best value for sleep and blue light reduction is K or Candle light. Iris is using K for the night and K for the day. Start with K during the day and K during the night. Try to get more full-spectrum sunlight and go outside from time to time to produce good amounts of melatonin. Should i keep using it at this level or use recommended setting? Use it at K yes. Thanks Daniel. And what level of screen dim? Does that matter? You need to match the Brightness to the room lighting.Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.

This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night. This program is inspired by f. Latest release is Redshift 1. Packages are available from most distributions. In addition the following downloads are available:.

The project is managed at GitHub where issues and pull requests can also be posted. Updates to the translations can still be contributed through the Launchpad translations page. Redshift adjusts the color temperature according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime.

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During twilight and early morning, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt. At night the color temperature should be set to match the lamps in your room. This is typically a low temperature at around KK default is K. During the day, the color temperature should match the light from outside, typically around KK default is K. The light has a higher temperature on an overcast day. On linux and similar systems the color temperature is set with an X server extension.

On the windows platform it is set using GDI. The color temperature is changed by setting appropriate gamma ramps.

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If you have configured your own gamma ramps they will be overwritten but in that case you probably care too much about color accuracy to use this program anyway. Redshift can also be applied to the Linux console by explicitly selecting the DRM driver. Redshift assumes that your screen will produce light at a color of K when no color correction is applied by the program.

Thus, K is the neutral temperature. Setting the color temperature to a value higher than this results in more blue light, and setting a lower value will result in more red light. Redshift will continously update the color temperature at regular intervals. One shot mode can be selected if you only want to do one adjustment. The color adjustments done by Redshift can be temporarily toggled on and off by sending it the USR1 signal:.

The command line options are explained by running redshift -h. All options have reasonable defaults. All color adjustment methods will be tried until one that works is found unless you explicitly select one. The same applies to location providers. When you specify a location manually, note that a location south of equator has a negative latitude and a location west of Greenwich e. Beware that the location providers are not perfect. The GeoClue method provides a location through the GeoClue framework, which may or may not work out-of-the-box.

The position from Geoclue will currently not be updated regularly while Redshift is running but this is planned for a future release. A configuration file can be created, but the documentation is a bit sparse.

How Your Computer Monitor Is Slowly Killing Your Eyes, And What You Can Do About It.

The following is an example of a configuration file:. Start the program redshift-gtk instead of redshiftwith the same arguments as you would pass to redshift. This will create an icon for Redshift in the system tray. The icon will allow you to toggle Redshift on and off. Thanks goes to the Tango Desktop Project for the icon.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Author Topic: Best Solder Flux?? Read times. So what is THE best solder flux?? And where to get it?? Do I need to use different flux when soldering lead-free??

Clean or no-clean? Same stuff for solder and de-solder? I did a quick search on the web but came up with pretty useless information No clean flux is acceptable on new parts and boards. If they are old, then surface tarnish will cause problems. Water soluble flux must be cleaned or it will cause corrosion. I prefer fully activated rosin flux like Kester 44 for both assembly and rework.

On difficult to solder connections, I use dilute hydrochloric acid or if you can get it, Kester Copper-Nu. I rarely read: almost never have any need for separate flux. Clean the flux immediately, clean it after a few years, never clean it, it really doesn't matter. Definitely avoid the water soluble as it'll eat your board, but no-clean is just fine.

I don't know why marshallh in the link you posted said to stay away from no-clean, all of his pictures, opinions, and evidence was about water soluble. The cheap 10cc flux syringes out of China are very good, usually sold as "Amtech RMAUV", they are not real Amtech like any branded product out of China is realbut the flux inside works very well.

Shipping from New Zealand, international orders welcome Although I prefer Kesterthe smallest bottle is 1 gallon and the disposable pens are pricey for what you get. Also, a fiberglass scratch brush can be very handy at removing heavy oxidation and corrosion.


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