Sunday, january 31, 2016

matchless theme, pleasant Very similar. Just that..

Sunday, january 31, 2016

Thanks, Mark and Gary! Fun puzzle! Great theme! Otherwise, with a little patience, everything filled in. Have a piece of walnut stuck in a tooth.

sunday, january 31, 2016

Any suggestions as to how to remove it? Have tried all sorts of toothpicks and broken a few fingernails! What a delightful theme by Mark Bickham, and an entertaining description by Husker Gary.

I wrote previously, but would like to reiterate now, about our metapuzzle contest called Eliminating the Competition that ends on February 8. Winners at either of two levels Master, Open are then eligible for some fun prizes. I hope that many of you can give it a shot! I also want to tell you about a wonderful tribute puzzle by John Child, called Steppin' Outwhich honors an important person in crossword puzzle history, on an auspicious anniversary this month January I hope that you like that one, too.

Morning, all! I thought there was something a little OFF with this puzzle Not a phrase I'm particularly familiar with, but I have heard it before. Just couldn't think of it for awhile. After the solve, but before I came here, I figured out it referred to occasions where people leave their milk shakes on the roof of their car and drive off with the shake still there. I've never heard of a shake shingle before, so I'm sticking with my interpretation Good morning!

This one had an old-timey feel about it with expressions like "took leave of," "ever and anon" and "lets at. Hand up for LENO. Husker, what's so special about the 7 of diamonds. I don't get that one. DW's got a spare tire on the back of her CRV. I've got one just above my belt. I'm one who's in that RH-negative minority. OR NOT. I was not aware of that chapter in American History.

Sunday, January 31, 2016 11:30am Service

I did like the grid and all the Shakespeare. The dev n of diamonds trick was cool. Do we have football fans who will watch the new and improved pro bowl?

Mark always delivers and thanks Gary for all your work. Good Morning: This was a lot of fun with no major hang-ups. Leno before Mohr but I knew Erdrich right off the bat.Grant us, Lord our God, that we may honor you with all our mind, and love everyone in truth of heart.

Old Calendar: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. There is a shocking turnaround in today's Gospel. The people with whom Jesus grew up were assembled in the Nazareth synagogue. After they heard him read Sacred Scripture and give a one sentence homily "Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing" St.

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Roger J. Sunday Readings The first reading is taken from the book of Jeremiah Jer Jeremiah is the second of the four great prophets of Israel; a contemporary of Zephaniah, Nahum, and Habakkuk.

He was born in the last part of the reign of Manasseh, about years before the birth of Jesus and almost a century after Isaiah. Today's reading comes from the prologue which gives an account of Jeremiah's calling. It is a dialog between Yahweh and Jeremiah. The second readingtaken from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians 1 Corcontinues last week's comparison of the Church to the human body. Each part of the body is no greater than any other part; rather, all work together to serve the common good.

The second reading also discusses the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel reading is taken from St. Luke Lk This rejection of Jesus by his own townfolk must have sincerely grieved him. But it was only the beginning of similar rejections. Their attempt to murder him was an indication of what was yet to come. John says The reason was that the Messiah they were looking for was a political leader who would make Israel a political power not only among the nations but over the other nations.

Nearly all the messianic prophecies had references to the universality of the messianic kingdom—this universality they interpreted in a political, worldly sense. Their interest in things spiritual was then at a very low ebb and therefore the message of Christ had little interest for them. They did not want a spiritual kingdom.

For seventeen centuries they had been God's Chosen People, and they were proud of their superiority over the sinful Gentiles who did not know the true God. That very pride of theirs was their undoing. The Gentiles were God's children too, and they also were to share in the new kingdom which the Messiah would establish, but the very thought of this was abhorrent to the vast majority of the Jews.

In spite of all their opposition, however, Jesus spent his public life amongst them. He gave them the first offer of entering the new kingdom. They could still continue to be God's Chosen People together with, and alongside, the other nations of the earth. They refused. And their refusal went so far as to call in the aid of the hated Gentiles to crucify the One—their own fellow Jew—who had come to bring them the message of the true kingdom and the offer of being its first citizens.

There were exceptions, of course, and honorable exceptions at that. Christ founded his Church, the new kingdom of God on the Apostles, who were Jews, and through their noble sacrifices and efforts, the kingdom spread to all the Gentile nations of the earth. Because of their sacrifices, we are Christians, members of Christ's kingdom on earth and heirs to his eternal kingdom in heaven.

Through our Christian teaching we have learned that our life on this earth is but a period of preparation, a period during which we can earn the true life as citizens of his eternal kingdom. How often do we, like the Jews of Christ's day, forget this and bend all our efforts to building for ourselves a kingdom of power or wealth in this world, a kingdom which we will have to leave so soon? We would not, of course, openly deny Christ, much less try, like his neighbors in Nazareth, to throw him to his death over a cliff: but how often in our private actions, and in our dealings with our neighbors, do we push him and his doctrine quietly aside and act as if we knew him not.

In this we are no better than Christ's neighbors of Nazareth and we grieve his loving heart as much as they did on that sad day.During the armed occupation in Oregon, many have asked why officers don't just storm the wildlife refuge.

The answer may rest in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where in a similar standoff ended in violence. A Danish policeman checks passengers' identity papers on a train arriving from Germany on Jan.

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Officials say the small country is overwhelmed by the number of refugees seeking asylum. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder book cover hide caption. Republican presidential candidates, from left to right, Sen.

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Marco Rubio, R-Fla. The Drone Racing League hide caption. A Birthday Cake for Washington has been the subject of much criticism because it portrays slaves as being happy. Scholastic hide caption. Saul Williams' new album is MartyrLoserKing. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Peace Talks. Syrian Drownings Hover Over U.

Twilight Kevin Hays. Joyful Sounds Reprise The Word. Amazon iTunes. Skylines The Album Leaf. The Competitors John Cameron. Horn of the Clock-Bike Saul Williams. Colt's Tooth The Zincs. Browse archive or search npr.Here, Jesus shares a short history of Elisha and Elijah, familiar names to everyone present.

They were not called by God to serve the people in their town, but to go out to other communities. It might seem an odd piece to reflect on, but for a small kernel of truth: he was led out of his hometown and went to Capernaum, then elsewhere, to minister to people outside his circle. The move from adoration to rejection could be seen as paving the way for Jesus to continue to turn to the least likely: the oppressed, the rejected, the Gentiles. Is the lesson here that we cannot adequately serve our own family?

When is Sunday the 31st?

Of course not! But the truth is that our mission extends to others in our vicinity, not just in our own native place. God sent us to serve one another without worry as to who they are or where they are from. We are all one family. Who can I help today? As I look past my own walls, where do I see a need that could use my attention? Lord, sometimes it is hard to see the needs of others, especially those far from me, as part of my mission.

Help me to open my eyes and my heart to do Your will on earth. Support CatholicMom. Family Theater Productions. Congregation of the Holy Cross. Father Patrick Peyton, C. Ponder: Who can I help today? Pray: Lord, sometimes it is hard to see the needs of others, especially those far from me, as part of my mission.

Copyright Rose Hernandez. Share this article. About the Author. Gospel Reflections Team. Related Blog Articles. Donate now. Subscribe to Catholic Momcast on iTunes or Spotify.

CatholicMom on Social Networks. Stay connected! Sign up to receive our free daily digest email. All Rights Reserved.God makes clear to Jeremiah that he has to have courage and speak to the people whatever God wants to have spoken.

While this specific call is particular to Jeremiah, each and every priest is entrusted with this same responsibility. Every deacon, priest, or bishop is supposed to speak the Word of God in its fullness to the people. The importance of this task is heightened by the fact that the Word of God is not just what is written in the pages of Scripture; the Word of God is the Person of Jesus Christ.

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So, we essentially have a dual mandate to preach in its fullness what God has revealed in Scripture and to preach the Person of Christ in His fullness.

To do these things is a great privilege and a great responsibility. The Word of God, as we read in both Ezekiel and in Revelation, is sweet to the taste but sour in the stomach. This is true of the Word of God in both of the senses just mentioned. Look at what happened in the Gospel reading today: Jesus preaches in His home town.

But when our Lord challenges the people directly, the reaction is so extreme that they want to throw Him over the cliff. One can understand that people might squirm a little or be uncomfortable when they have to look at themselves and change their lives to come into accord with the will of God, but to have such an extreme reaction that they wanted to kill our Lord seems incomprehensible.

However, it is for this same reason that God tells Jeremiah that He would make the Prophet a fortified city, a pillar of iron and a wall of brass against the people.

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God knew that the people would not want to hear His word, even though His words are truth, spirit, and life. As human beings we seem, for some strange reason, to be attracted to what the devil offers: lies, materialism, and death. People do not want Jesus. They want the Jesus they have made in their own imaginations, but they do not want the real Jesus in the fullness of His Person. Just look at the thousands of people who have left the Church because they cannot or will not accept this or that teaching.

They have not only rejected the teaching of the Church, but they have rejected the real Jesus. Because of this, many priests and bishops fall into the problem of trying to appease the people. Unlike Jeremiah, they are unwilling to speak the fullness of the truth because they do not want to be rejected by the people. Look at what Jeremiah had to endure for the Word of God; look at what Jesus had to endure for the sake of the truth.

It is time that we, both priests and people, need to choose the truth and accept the consequences that will follow from that choice. It is really rather simple, but not very pleasant. The wonderful thing about the Word of God and the teachings of the Church is that they are objective.

Therefore, it is not my own opinion that I should be preaching, but the objective truth. For those who preach this truth, there are three things that must be present. Second, we must apply it to ourselves before we try to apply it to others.

Third, we must do everything out of love for God and love for the people. Paul speaks of love as being the greatest gift. If our hearts are transformed into love, then they will no longer be tortuous and the Word of God will be easily accepted and lived. Paul, Minn.

For information about subscribing to The Wanderer, please visit www. You can donate with a credit card by clicking here. Catholic Parents OnLine is a C 3 non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. All donations are greatly appreciated.Every Sunday look out for another exciting installment of Retail Review!

Posted by luke. It's certainly not of that caliber, but it can have its own positive merits going for it. These blasters have 12 packs in them, which give a satisfying break for those looking to open more than just a small handful of packs. Thankfully, prices of MVP have come down to prices that are much more realistic.

Sunday Sermon for January 31, 2016, the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

I never really liked MVP back in its original release. I always felt that there was absolutely nothing worth finding. I don't feel that way about the current MVP brand. Upper Deck has done some good things with it. They have made the product more diverse in terms of what you can find in it. Though hits may be hard, it's nice that they are there to even begin with.

I'd be awesome to find an autographed card or other hit in a blaster of these. Let's open this blaster up and see what comes out:. This blaster of MVP definitely delivered in terms of parallel cards!

I got quite a few Silver Script cards in this blaster. I've said in the past that I enjoy the look of the Silver Script cards. The silver border with the foil facsimile signature looks really nice. For a lower end card, these stand out in a really good way. I'm never really a fan of multi-player cards, but I do like Upper Deck's thought process in featuring this aspect of the NHL season. Here were my top cards from this break:. I really enjoy pulling Datsyuk cards out of packs.

He's a very smooth and classy player. Though I've never been a huge Detroit fan, it is very hard not to like Datsyuk and the way he plays the game. He also has a pretty sweet looking sig! The Great One is also always a good pull out of packs. Though this is a checklist card, it still features the greatest hockey player of all time The funny thing is Of course it's a different number out of the made, but I got Patrick Sharp's Gold Script last time.

What are the odds of that?Post a Comment. Jesus went to His home. He had just been rejected in Nazareth, the town in which He grew up, and He went home, to where He would live and make the home base for His ministry.

Nothing special about Capernaum, though it does seem it was some type of peaceful place, a place where there was some beauty on the shores of Lake Galilee. He went there to be refreshed, to hear, to meditate, to teach.

sunday, january 31, 2016

And He taught with authority. People are amazed. They marvel at His teaching.

Sunday 31 January 2016

They want to hear more because it is just that good. He taught as the quintessential example of Christian preaching, with love, patience, kindness, goodness, not being envious or boastful, not arrogance or rudeness, not irritability or resentfulness. He taught with love, bearing all things, hoping all things, enduring all things. At least, not that Sabbath, not in that synagogue.

sunday, january 31, 2016

A man, a man who had presumably come to hear the Word of God just as Jesus had, stood up. And this man, prideful and arrogant as only the devil can make one, stood up. And Jesus, the Teacher of teachers, could not bear the spitting of the demon and cast the demon out from His midst and away from the Word of God.

But, this is still love. Jesus loved this man, and presumably, even once loved this demon before he fell in league with Satan, but could not bear to have this man or his demon speak the things of God even while being filled with sin.

And love would not leave this man in his unclean sin, abiding it. Love casts out sin by repentance and forgiveness, Law and Gospel. I think we often look at this text, and other texts like it, and wonder why it is that Jesus would not let the demon speak, even the truth.

sunday, january 31, 2016

After all, the demon said nothing wrong, correct? At least, not doctrinally. Jesus is indeed the Holy One of God. Would that all men know this and love Jesus for it.

But, do you see what the demon desired to do? Remember Satan in the Garden of Eden. He subtly twisted the Word of God for his purposes. Eve knew that much.

It gave Satan an opening that Eve might reach out with her hand, take the fruit into it, and eat, that she might be like God, knowing good and evil. And she would die. And Adam would die. And with them, the whole human race would die. This demon is no different.

He cannot bear falsehood and so commands it to be silent and to be cast out of the man. Love bears all things, certainly, but love never bears falsehood. Love calls a thing what it is. If it is sin, it is sin. If it is good, it is good.


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